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temizlik ürünleri deterjan imalatı kimya sanayi
temizlik ürünleri deterjan imalatı kimya sanayi
Florakim Kimya Temizlik Ürünleri Deterjan Üretimi Kimya Sanayi      2016 ®
Home Care Products
Snow-white Laundries

With its powerful formulation, FLO Bleach whitens your laundries without harming them. It protects your laundries as if they have never been used before even after several applications. It can be used in automatic washing machines as well as in washing by hands. It can be applied in surface cleaning for hygienic purposes. With its special fragrance, FLO Bleach makes your laundry and home smell like a flower garden.

Product Ingredients :
% 40 Sodium hypochlorite and deminaralize water
Color : Light Yellow
pH     : 12,00 - 13,00

Bleach MSDS : Material Safety Data Sheet

Product Types :

BLEACH 1000 gr. x 18 pieces
BLEACH 2500 gr. x 6 pieces 
BLEACH  4000 gr. x 4 pieces 
BLEACH 30 Kg. 
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FLO Çamaşır Suyu 4000 gr
FLO Çamaşır Suyu 2500 gr
FLO Çamaşır Suyu 1000 gr
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