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temizlik ürünleri deterjan imalatı kimya sanayi
temizlik ürünleri deterjan imalatı kimya sanayi
Florakim Kimya Temizlik Ürünleri Deterjan Üretimi Kimya Sanayi      2016 ®
Home Care Products
Glass Cleaner
Clean like a shining star

With its special formulation, FLO Glass Cleaner, provides shining surfaces not only on glasses but also on any kind of washable surfaces. FLO is applicable on Glass, mirrors, metals, ceramics, plastic and wooden surfaces to remove dirt, dust and oils. It is easy to use thanks to its spraying unit and it leaves a refreshing smell on the surfaces after the application.   

Product Ingredients :
Nonionic active, IPA

Color : Blue
pH     : 6,00 - 7,00

Glass Cleaner MSDS : Material Safety Data Sheet

Product Types :

Glass Cleaner Expert
(Incl. Spraying Unit)                500 gr. x 20 pieces
Glass Cleaner Reserve          1000 gr. x 20 pieces
Glass Cleaner                       5000 gr. x 4 pieces
Glass Cleaner                         30 kg.
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FLO Cam Temizleyici Yedek 1000 gr
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